Gmail sign in out Procedure- How to sign out of Gmail on iPhone

How Gmail sign out of all devices 2020

Gmail sign in out: I want to show you how I use Gmail. I use it for the mail of any kind as well as use it to sign in my YouTube account. So I click sign in. I have unclicked a little box. You can put the little checkmark back in.  I recommend that you always take it out whenever you sign in look there and see if the little check is there. If it is not there then I recommend that you sign in accordingly, If it is there uncheck the box. You can now be signed in. I don't use Gmail usually. I know it's convenient but I don't want any records made by Google or anybody else as to what I'm doing with my Gmail or email. Here is what I want you to be aware of go up here to your account and here you sign out. Do not go on to any other activities using anything that you've got in terms of a search engine especially a Google search engine. And so You can sign out. This is how you do it. It's not intuitive. You have to know to do it. They do not encourage you to do it. I strongly recommend that you follow the same procedure
How To Sign Out Of Gmail

How To Sign out Gmail Account , IPhone & Any Android Phone

we're learning how to sign out of your Gmail accounts. Now looking out of a Gmail account is a good idea especially when you've signed into a shared device or even a borrowed one.  For that matter and logging out helps keep unauthorized people or via Gmail inbox. So in this post, I'll be showing you how to sign out slash log out of your Gmail account.
So if you using a PC or a Mac chance are that you're signed in to your Gmail account on a browser and fortunately the interface when both platforms are exactly the same. So all you need to do is go to the Gmail home page and click on your profile pic on the upper right side. If you don't have a profile pic then you'll see your avatar there click on that and then click on sign out and your Gmail account is going to be signed out. And inciting or via Gmail account is as simple as that on a smartphone. Your Gmail account is automatically signed into the Gmail app for any Google account that's signed in on that device and this is a case for both iOS and Android devices.
Gmail sign in out
Gmail sign in out Procedure

So if you're signed in on a borrowed device or a device that you want to give away the surest way of signing out is by removing the entire account from that device and you can initiate this process right from the Gmail app. So for instance for this demonstration Suppose that you are using iPhone 10 S which is running iOS 12 so all you need to do is launch the Gmail app and you can also do this for your Android device and then tap on the profile icon on the upper right side. Now the Gmail app doesn't have the profile icon but you can tap on the menu on the left side. And then from the pop-up window select manage accounts on this device and that option is available on both Android and iOS and select that Google account or Gmail account that you want to remove from that device tap on that and remove that account from the device.
Now like I mention on Android it slightly different but because they launched Gmail go to menu manage accounts which is a Google account that you want to remove and then remove that account from the phone and your Gmail account is going to be signed out of that device immediately. Now if you want to log out of a Gmail account device that's not with you in real-time you can do that remotely. Maybe you forgot to log out of a device somewhere else or someone's phone or you give out your phone or your phone was stolen and any other just try to log out of your Gmail account remotely now all you need to do for that is grab any computer or laptop near you. And open the browser and sign in to your Gmail account and then you want to scroll down to the very very bottom of the home page until you find details. Now you want to click on that small link that says details and a pop-up window will appear and in this pop-up window, you'll see all the other Gmail web sessions that are signed into this account. And you can see the IP addresses and you can see the locations.

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 So you can simply sign out all other Gmail web sessions by clicking on that link or that button and every other device where the account has been logged in is going to be automatically logged out.

Now, unfortunately, this doesn't seem to pick up any smartphone applications either on iOS or Android. Suppose I am using the Chrome browser. Even though I know that I have this account logged in on my iOS device on my iPhone on my iPad. So if there's someone out there walking around with a tablet or a smartphone that has my Gmail account logged in it might not get locked out using this method. But the surest way the 100% surest way of logging out of a Gmail account on a device that you don't have at the moment is to change a password. Changing a Gmail password will automatically log out any other device anywhere in the world that's not using your current new password. So when changing a Gmail password make sure you let Gmail log out any other device or session where your Gmail account is logged in and that's the surest way of making sure you're knocked out of any other session.

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