How To CC In Gmail App, Iphone Or Desktop

How To CC In Gmail App, Iphone Or Desktop

If you use Email on a daily basis and send an email then  you have probably noticed the CC field at the top of your message. But what is it and you don’t know how to CC In Gmail  or add cc And also don’t know what exactly is a Bcc?

What Is CC  Fields In Email And How To Write CC In Email

Let's find out. 'CC' means 'Carbon Copy'. Before email was popular and mechanical typewriters were not just for hipsters, the quickest way to make copies of a document was to use a sheet of paper called carbon paper. 

You would load the carbon paper into the typewriter along with two standard sheets of paper to produce two identical copies of the original. This is exact where the phrase 'carbon copy' comes from.
Using the Cc function in email sends an identical copy of the email to the person in the Cc field. Think of it as a digital carbon copy. Some people also call it a 'courtesy copy', as, in the workplace, it is used to keep people aware of information that doesn't require direct action or a response from them.
If a message is straightforward to someone - or more than one person - then you should put their address in the main address field. For example, if you were emailing someone in your team about a project your manager was overseeing, you would put your team member in the primary 'To' address field.
Everyone in the email thread will be able to see who else is in the conversation and whether they have been Cc'd or addressed directly.
However, you will not be able to see any people who have been added to the email with the Bcc function. Bcc means 'Blind Carbon Copy'. It is used to inform people in the same way as a standard Cc'd email, but without any of the other participants knowing.
It might be useful if your director wants to oversee a conversation discreetly, but it's used more commonly for sending messages to large email lists. For example,  Suppose a company want to  use the Bcc function to email all its customers at once, so it doesn't share all those email addresses with the other participants.

how to cc in gmail
how to cc in gmail

What Do's & Don'ts while CC or BCC in Professional Email Writing

 After getting little bit information about how to CC in Gmail now let’s discuss what Do’s & Don’t while CC or BCC In Email Writing.Whenever we do write any email, there are three types of email fields. One is "Too" One is "CC", and another is "BCC" CC stands for Carbon Copy, whereas BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy.

In today's post, I am going to discuss BCC and CC recipients of the emails. I am going to throw light on DO's and DON'Ts while marking anyone in BCC or CC in your email.

When And How to Use CC In Gmail

Let's discuss when to use CC.

Point NO 1. In professional email writing, CC is used to inform senior authority. As an example, if you are writing an email to Engineers and you want their manager to be informed, then you will mark the engineers in TO and their manager in CC. Never try to write an email to the senior authority keeping junior authority in CC.
It will change the entire scenario.

Point NO 2. Sometimes it is required to inform different groups about the email. Then you can mark them in CC.

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Point NO 3. Sometimes few stockholders of your project or any particular tasks, they might ask you or request you to get informed about all email communication. Then it is good to mark them in CC. 
Someday, suppose your teammate is on leave or due to some reason he is not able to respond to any emails. Then on behalf of him suppose if you are working on particular tasks, and you need to write emails on behalf of that person, then you can mark that person's email address in CC, So as when he will resume job again, he is able to see all the mail communication happened on his behalf.

 Let's discuss when not to use CC.

Point number 1. Never mark CC to senior authority just because you know their email addresses. Most of the time, it is a waste of their valuable time for reading your emails or watching your emails again. So, it is advisable to mark them whenever it is required.

 Point number 2. Never mark CC to someone just to embarrass someone. It is recommended to mark CC to senior authorities when things are not moving in the right direction, and those are probably moving towards escalation.

 Point number 3. Many times, people do mark CC to their bosses or someone else, to just prove their point, or to show they are right and someone is wrong. Avoid such kind of email with such CC because it is not good to maintain a professional relationship.

Point number 4. Never mark CC to the person who is actually going to reply to your email. So, move all such people into TO rather than CC.

Moving ahead with BCC.

When And How to Use BCC Field In Gmail

It is the way where the sender can send email to multiple recipients without letting them know who others are in that email.

Point Number 1. When you as sender want to secure the privacy of other recipients of your email, then mark them in BCC.

Point Number 2. Another point is when you want to send information or such kind of emails, and you don't want a lengthy recipient list in the mailbox of any recipients, then you can go for BCC. For example, information such as your mobile number has been changed, or your office address has been changed can be marked to BCC into the email.

Point Number 3. Many professionals do copy their recipient list into BCC if the recipient list is more than 30 or 35 email addresses. It helps to reduce efforts to scroll through all the names, while the recipient receives their email.

Moving ahead with when not to use BCC.

Point Number 1. In a professional environment, it is always recommended to mark superior authorities into CC rather than BCC. Otherwise, it can lead to multiple misunderstandings, and it can harm the professional environment.

Point Number 2. If you are announcing a Life Event or you are sending personal greetings to someone, then it is always recommended to not to mark them in BCC. Otherwise, it will kill the entire warm message. I hope this post is helpful for you to understand  How To CC In Gmail and do's and don'ts about BCC and CC.

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