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What Does Deku Mean?

What does Deku Mean?You'll have one of three things in mind while thinking about the meaning of Deku. In the past, deku applied to a form of flat wooden doll or puppet and then was used as an insult meaning' unnecessary human.' Today, it also refers to a common race in the legend of Zelda games, and to Boku no Hero Academia the leading individual in the popular anime series.
Looking at the dictionary, a quite simple set of deku definitions is given.
One is the simplest definition it receives. “Puppet.”
A little more enjoyable is the second concept."A guy not able to be helpful. Boring person, worthless. A phrase about such a person who speaks poorly.

The word has origins itself, The Deku belong to a group of dolls which can very well stem from the unbroken chain of producing dolls in the Japanese archipelago spanning to the Jomon Period clay dog figures over thousands of years.
By the Heian Period, the high-falutin period of the Genji’s Tale, several dolls belonged most certainly to the collection of craftsmen of the day(deku is included in them)
Deku, also known as kugutsu, were wooden puppets at this period.
But from where did the comment come? It's a puzzle even for the Japanese, with no clear explanation.
One explanation is that deku is a mispronunciation of deiguu, a term for "clay doll," although this was implied by my principal source.

What Does Deku Mean?

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What Does XD Means?

What Does XD Means?
The XD is the LOL or Laugh Out Loud word acronym. The letter X is like eyes, and the letter D is like a smiling smile. The eyes appear to be squinting, which corresponds to a smiling person's face.
Eyes are X and mouth is D.
Only turn your face to the left 90 degrees and the X appeared as if your eyes were banging and the D looked like a laughing smile.

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